Brownie with White Chocolate
Chewy Choc-Oat-Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Dipped Cranberry Cookies
Chow Mein with Butterscotch and Peanut Butter
Dark Chocolate with drizzling on top
Monster Chip Cookies
Monster Cookies
Oatmeal Scotties
Peanut Butter Brownie Surprise
Peanut Butter with Chocolate Chips
Peanut Butter-Toffee Turtle Cookies
Rainbow Cookies
Raspberry Twists
Red Velvet and White Chocolate
Sinful Red Velvet
Soft Molasses with sugar sprinkles
Sour Cream Chocolate Cookies
Sugar Cookie Cutouts decorated
Oatmeal with Nuts or Raisins
Peanut Butter with Nuts or Chocolate Chips

Jumbo Cookies

Decorated 12 inch round or heart in Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal, or Peanut Butter - $12.00 each

Decorated Cookies

$.50 - .75 each

4 inch

Chocolate Chip Cookies Red Velvet, Chocolate Chocolate Chip, Molasses Sugar Cookies Cranberry Cookies, Cranberry Twists - $.50 each


$.60 each

Fruit Pizza Cookies
 $1.00 each
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